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Welcome to Sparkles Wireless

Sparkles Wireless is an independent, locally-owned cell phone store specializing in prepaid cell phones, wireless 4G Internet, cell phone accessories, and cell phone repairs. We serve the Northern Queens, New York City neighborhoods of College Point, Whitestone, Malba, and all of Northern Queens, New York City.

New: We're now licensed to buy and sell used phones, and to accept laptops, computers, and cell phones for recycling.


How Prepaid Cell Phone Service Works

In recent years, prepaid wireless plans have grown in popularity and remain the fastest-growing segment of the wireless communication industry. Pre-paid cell phone plans are very different from conventional, "contract-type" cell phone plans. But first, let's look at how the two types of plans are the same.


1. Same Networks.

Prepaid cell phones use the same airwaves as contract-type cell phones. The prepaid plans offered by major providers like AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile use their own existing networks, and smaller providers lease network capabilities from the major providers.


2. Same Phones.

Most prepaid providers use the same kinds of phones as contract providers, and most phones sold for use with contract cell phone services will work on compatible prepaid networks. (There are a few exceptions, but they're rare.)


3. Same Capabilities.

Prepaid cell phones can do all of the things contract-type cell phones can do (assuming, of course, that the phone and plan you purchase support those features). For example, in a matter of minutes after you walk into our College Point store, we can set you up with a prepaid phone and service that allows you to:

  • Make and receive voice calls to and from anywhere in the United States (and certain overseas countries).
  • Send and receive text messages.
  • Send and receive picture messages.
  • Send and receive e-mail.
  • Browse the Web.
  • Navigate your travel.
  • Run apps written for your type of phone (BlackBerry, Android, iPhone, etc.).
  • And much more.

Long story short, you won't notice any difference in the user experience just because you're on a prepaid plan. The plans and pricing are different, but the technology is the same. If you switch from a contract cell phone plan to a prepaid plan, the biggest difference you'll notice is all the money you save every month.

Please click here to learn more about the advantages of prepaid cell phones, or here to contact us.


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