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Wireless Internet for Home and Travel

Mobile Internet technology has come a long way in the past few years. Once upon a time, wireless Internet was almost as slow as dial-up, too expensive for most people to afford, and available in very few coverage areas. Nowadays, with 4G technology, wireless Internet can be as fast as a standard DSL or cable Internet connection. In fact, more and more people are using wireless 4G Internet as their primary Internet connection, even when they're not traveling.


Different Kinds of Wireless Internet Plans

1. Add-On Service to a Smart Phone Account

Many smart phones are able to provide Internet connectivity to computers using either a cable or the phone's internal Wi-Fi radio. This is commonly called "tethering," back from the days when the only way to use a cell phone to provide Internet service to a computer was to "tether" the two together with a cable.

Although it's still possible to tether a computer to a cell phone using a cable, most modern smart phones have the ability to be used as wireless "hot spots." The way this works is that the phone accesses the Internet over the provider's service and shares it as a Wi-Fi hot spot, to which you wirelessly connect your computer just like you would to any other hot spot.

Some prepaid cell phone providers offer the ability to use your smart phone's hot spot service for an additional monthly fee, which usually is less than what it would cost to buy dedicated wireless Internet service, making this a good option for many users who only occasionally need this functionality. But because there's usually a cap on how much bandwidth you can use, it's not a good solution as a full-time Internet connection.

One happy exception to this policy is T-Mobile. T-Mo offers an unlimited Internet option on its prepaid plans that really, truly is unlimited. Please stop by if you would like more details.


2. Dedicated Wireless Internet Service

Dedicated wireless Internet requires a special device that accesses a cell provider's network, but doesn't make or receive phone calls. Its only purpose is to provide Internet access to computers.

Some of the dedicated mobile Internet connection devices are designed to be used by a single laptop computer, and simply plug into the computer's USB port. Many users prefer these devices because they're small, easy to pack in a pocket or laptop bag, and simple to use. They can be used on multiple computers, but only one at a time, and each computer must have the connection software installed.

Another kind of dedicated connection device is commonly called a "mobile hot spot" or a "Mi-Fi device." These devices obtain an Internet connection from the wireless provider and share it as a Wi-Fi hot spot Most of these devices can serve up to five computers at a time.

Although Mi-Fi devices are a little more expensive than USB-type devices, many people like them because no software is required, as many as five computers can use the service simultaneously, and any Wi-Fi equipped computer or device can connect to them -- exactly like they would connect to any other Wi-Fi connection.


H2O Bolt Wireless 4G Internet

For people who live in and around College Point, most of New York City, and many places in Long Island and Westchester, H2O Bolt 4G Wireless Internet can provide an affordable, blazing-fast, wireless Internet connection that you can use both at home and while traveling.

With available download speeds as high as a blazing 6 Mb/second, H2O Bolt Wireless Internet is more than fast enough to use as your main home Internet connection. But it's also portable and can be taken with you when you travel. Better yet, it costs no more than a comparable cable or DSL Internet connection, so you can actually save money by ditching your wired Internet account and using H2O Bolt 4G as both your home and mobile Internet solution.

H2O Bolt offers unlimited bandwidth, so you can download large files, watch streaming video, and even play online games without having to worry about hitting caps. Best of all, H2O Bolt is faster (and less expensive) than the average residential DSL connection available in College Point.


H2O Bolt 4G Wireless Connection Devices

H2O Bolt offers several types of connection devices including USB sticks that are designed to provide Internet to a single laptop computer, and the Spider hot spot device that allows multiple computers to connect to the service wirelessly at the same time.

You're allowed to use any of the devices anywhere H2O Bolt provides service, so a "mobile" device can be used at home, and vice-versa. The difference is really which device is more convenient for you based on your particular needs.


H2O Bolt Wireless Internet Plans

H2O Bolt is a prepaid service, with no contracts and no commitments. That makes it ideal for people who move a lot, or anyone who just doesn't want to be locked into a plan.

Of course, as with any wireless service, coverage has to be available where you travel in order for the service to work. But don't worry: Before we sign you up for H2O Bolt Wireless Internet, we'll check to make sure that the places you travel to most often have coverage.

Please click here to talk to us about H2O Bolt 4G Wireless Internet or any of our fine wireless products and services.


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